And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65:24

Truly the Lord doesn’t cease to amaze His children! After laying my eyes on the pack n’ play provided by the hotel, I decided I won’t let my baby on it. My husband thought the same thing. That was Thursday night. The next day was Friday, preparation day. We had to get some groceries because we’re staying in the hotel for a couple of weeks and we wanted to make sure that our basic nutritional needs are covered. Unfortunately, since we started late that day doing this and that we ended up not having ample time to do everything we needed to do–including getting another pack n’ play. There was no way that we’d be inside the store making a purchase on the Lord’s Sabbath. I sat in the car frustrated and worried as we drove home. “I just want a Pack n’ Play for our baby,” I told my husband. But we both know that we must honor the Lord’s holy day. So, we drove home.

The baby slept on the hotel queen size bed for two additional nights with me worrying and half-sleeping.

On Sunday we told the hotel the situation, showed the Pack n’ Play they lent us and told them why we couldn’t use it. When we got home that evening after running errands, something greeted us by the door! A newly purchased, unopened box of Graco Pack n’ Play! Oh, what a joy burnt in our hearts! We praised the Lord for His goodness to us for providing us that that even before we asked Him, He already provided it.

See, the Lord honors those who honor Him.

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