Our little girl, Bethany, has finally reached 18 months old, and we are just thrilled to see her grow each day.

She’s a little girl who definitely loves to sing, explore the great outdoors, say “hi” and “bye” to people, help us out with chores, eat watermelons, and drink watered down orange juice, among many other things.

She’s still nursing and we praise God for it. It’s definitely easy because she can nurse anywhere provided I am wearing the right outfit. šŸ™‚

So, how does her schedule look like now.

7:00 am – wakes up, personal worship with either mommy or daddy’s help, get dressed for the day

7:15 am – family worship and breakfast

8:00 am – independent play while mommy cleans up

9:00 am – morning walk/outdoor play

10:00 am- morning nap

12:15 pm- lunch

1:30pm – afternoon nap

3:00 pm- guided play time with mommy

4:00 pm- outdoor play with friends

5:15 pm -dinner and family walk

6:00 pm – bedtime routine with daddy (bath, toothbrush, evening personal worship, and family worship)

7:00 pm – bedtime

Nursing happens before and after bed and nap times. Although in the morning I don’t really like nursing her when she wakes up because I see it affects her ability to eat much for breakfast.

What about you? What’s your child’s schedule like?

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