I firmly believe that children should be trained to help out in the house at an early age. Call me old school but what we teach and train them each day at home, at work, or at play will make a significant impact in their future life. I’d like my baby girl to be able to learn how to take care of herself and learn basic life skills such as making the bed in the morning, doing dishes, cooking, doing laundry, decluttering, managing time, talent, and space at a young age.

So, at the beginning of this month, I got our baby girl a set of cleaning toy along with other toys. Guess what? Of all the stuff I got her, it was the cleaning toy set that she really got interested in at the beginning! Amazing!

Before the purchase of the cleaning toy set, our baby girl would get our dust pan to help me out the moment she sees me sweeping the floor. Then she would also use her wet wipes or grab a towel to help me wipe the table. I am so impressed by what she’s learning. Definitely, it’s a time for learning by imitation.

Last week we started teaching her throwing trash in the trash bin, putting her laundry in the hamper, and tossing her soiled diaper in the diaper pail, and she’s learned them all. We’re just amazed. I just tried telling her, “Bethany, could you please throw this in the trash can?” Immediately, she got the item I was giving her (it was probably a used wet wipe or something) and she directly went to the cupboard where the trash can was located. Praise the Lord! Then with the soiled diaper, I just told her after a diaper change to put the soiled diaper in the diaper pail, and off she went and did it. She did the same thing with her dirty clothing.

Bethany is definitely growing into a big helper at home. I pray that she continues to enjoy learning and helping us out with those little things. Cleanliness is next to godliness and I am glad that our baby girl is learning these basic life skills at a young age. (We’ve also noticed for a while now that she also likes to put back the toys that she has used like the blocks in its own bag or the alphabet blocks in its bin.)

Seeing Bethany obey and help us out gives me so much joy. It is my goal as her mom to train her the right way, especially to learn obedience at a young age so she may be able to obey our Creator.

What about you guys? Which of the chores did you first teach your child/children? What are they learning these days?

One thought on “Chores Training: Bin & Hamper Use

  1. Awesome little helper! Praise God for His guidance in the process of developing little minds and characters. And thanks mamma Shi for being there and being a great role model for our little Bethany!

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