Bethany trying to decide what she should do: pick or not pick the petals after hearing mommy said “No” multiple times.

Teaching and training little ones can be challenging. But by the grace of God it is doable.

Our little girl loves flowers. She especially loves picking them or at least the petals that every time she does it the devotional I read when I was in high school would start coming back fresh to my mind.

That devotional talks about leaving flowers alone so that others may be blessed by the beauty of it. Picking flowers means robbing others of the opportunity to enjoy God’s beautiful creation and thanking Him for what He’s made. I totally agree!

So, when I go for a walk with Bethany I always point out to her that God made the blue skies, green grass, big trees, beautiful flowers, etc. The week that I showed her the yellow grass flowers, she immediately went and started picking them. Oh no. 😦 I patiently taught her not to and told her “no” but she still did. 😦 After that week though, she stopped doing it. I was happy.

The other day, it’s these pretty pink flowers. I told her that God made these flowers and then like what happened to the yellow flowers at the beginning, she went and started picking the petals. Oh no. 😦

I am not sure how long is she going to fancy these pink flowers but I am sure that if she does it again we will have a serious talk and a few consequences.

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