One of my favorite Bible verses

Confession 101 here:

Being a mom requires a lot of strength. From the moment we wake up we just go, go, go especially when our children wake up earlier than us or than expected. This week, little Bethany has been waking up at either 5-ish or 6-ish am and that is not cool because it affects my personal worship time with my God. I expect her to wake up at 7-ish am and not earlier than that. But what do I do? Of course, we start the day with a prayer and then I nurse her and as I do that I do my prayers. When she’s done then I’d tell her to grab her worship book, My Bible Friends set, and she pretty much knows what to do after that.

Anyway, after that is family worship time, breakfast, and the list goes on and on.

So, where do I get my strength from to make sure I am able to do my responsibilities as a mother, wife, and citizen of this world (for now) and the world to come?

That’s right. I only draw strength from my Saviour. I make Him as my partner in life and I talk to Him throughout the day. He gives me not only strength but also wisdom, love, patience, kindness, etc. I praise Him for all His help each night and day.

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