Does going on a picnic always involve driving somewhere fun and beautiful?

Bethany and I ended up spending the day yesterday outdoors because her dada had to film six Bible studies in his office, God-provided office. We brought our camping chairs, camping bed, toys, and food out, and we had a blast! We walked and ran on the green grass. We admired the trees changing colors. Bethany even tried to pick up a leaf and tried to eat thinking it was a chip. Lol. (We don’t feed her any chips since she’s only 18 months. We prefer to feed her foods with few ingredients and as much as possible wholesome foods.) We also read books, colored, and played with stickers and other toys.

A few friends showed up around noon time and it made the day more special. Playing outside with mama is one thing but playing with other children especially about her age is another thing. What a blessing!

We are so blessed for bringing us here in Holbrook where Bethany is able to make friends and grow in a loving and spiritual community. As her parents, we feel this place is the best place for us to be in this pandemic season. Praise God for His divine providence!

Playing with fall leaves
Hiding from mama

2 thoughts on “Toddler Activity: Picnic Day

    1. Thanks, Aunty Jen! Yes, she’s always excited to go outside. Every time I ask her, “Would you like to go outside?” She’s always quick to answer with “Ah.” It means yes in her language. 🙂


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