What does an infant need? If you go online and to the stores you’d see a long list of infant needs. It can be overwhelming. As a first time parent, I struggled putting a list together of what my baby would possibly need when she comes out of the womb.

To help our new mommas out there and should God bless us with another one then now I am more prepared.

1. Car seat. Without this you can’t transport your baby anywhere especially from the hospital or a birth center.

2. Stroller. This is useful when traveling or going for a walk.

3. Diapers. It could be cloth or disposable diapers. They are useful for obvious reasons you already know. ☺️

4. Wipes. Well, as you know these go with diapers. My family like the Waterwipes particularly because of the short list of ingredients.

5. Baby clothes. Infants don’t need a lot of clothes. They’re usually just sleeping most of the time so they’re usually just in jammies. Get those ones that have zippers both on the top and bottom. If you have five, you’re good to go. Then maybe get a pair of two of shirt and pants just in case you want to take the baby out to the church or somewhere.

6. Burp cloths. Get a number of these because infants usually spit up quite a bit.

7. Baby blankets. Swaddling babies is essential because it keeps them warm and cozy. So, get the 100% cotton and breathable ones. Get several because these can be used as cover up when nursing or during diaper change especially when you guys are out and about.

8. Sleeping place. Our baby slept in a baby box for a couple of weeks. She didn’t want to sleep in the pack n’ play that her mimi bought her at the beginning. She probably needed something small. So, choose what you want but it’s important to provide a place for the baby to sleep in during nap and bedtimes. There are many options: crib, pack n’ play, bassinet, baby box, your bed, etc.

9. White noise maker. This is useful to keep babies sleeping soundly. They’re used to all the “noise” they hear in the womb including mommy’s heartbeat that it’s necessary to somehow recreate that for them to have a better sleep. We started with a fan for our baby then moved on to a white noise maker. Now, we’re using one that produces beautiful music and also starry night sky. I love it!

10. Bottles. These are optional items. Some families use them while some don’t. We were blessed to have employers that allowed me to nurse our baby at work.

11. Pacifiers. Again, optional items. We never used them but others did or do.

12. Baby tub. Baby’s enjoy baths and they need something where you can put them to safely clean them up.

With all these needs, the most important is godly and loving parents. Babies need parents that will guide them to the right path especially in this time of uncertainties and difficulties.

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