In this time of uncertainties, where do we go to? In moments of despair, to whom do we turn to? I must admit that living in this time of earth’s history has been very challenging not only for me but also for the people I care about and even for those that I see on social media groups. It’s definitely a different world we’re living in. Thankfully, the Lord doesn’t leave us alone. He sees what we’re going through and we can feel His love and presence in our lives each day through His word. Below are a few of the daily Bible promises that our ministry, Clear Call Ministries, posted on our Facebook page. I decided to share ten with you that are especially encouraging to combat fear and anxiety.

Take time to read each one of them. Meditate. Pray. Claim God’s promises. You’re welcome to download them and share them with others as they are. 😊

God bless! Let me know what’s your favorite among the ten! ❤️❤️❤️

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