HUGE THANKS to those who have been praying for our mom. Kindly continue praying for her because things don’t seem to go in her favor.

My mom was hospitalized for four days last week and was discharged then admitted again at the same hospital. What happened? The doctor in charge of her case decided to tell my brother that she has fibromyalgia. My sister who’s a nurse thought it’d be an easy fix so we didn’t worry about it much—minor surgery needed. Only to find out on Friday later when she was admitted back in the same hospital that she actually has congested heart failure. The doctor decided to tell the truth only when my mother’s health has highly deteriorated and has been suffering tremendously and that there’s nothing they can do for her except to refer her to a bigger hospital. We are unhappy, frustrated with how they treated her but it is what it is now. Sadly.

So early this morning, PST time, she was transported to the hospital through an ambulance. We were grateful that she will finally get better care. At least that’s what we thought. Tonight I receive information that the doctor over there thinks that what she has is Covid.

Wait what, from fibromyalgia to congested heart failure to Covid?

Reflections: How is that possible when she comes from a remote land with zero case of Covid ever since the pandemic began? How is that possible when she’s been suffering from these different health issues since she was about 50 years old, 14 years ago, and no one was able to diagnose her condition since she’s been in and out of the hospital multiple times a year? What’s going on? If she has Covid, then she would’ve tested positive in January when she went to the hospital and the second time she went after that and also just last week when she went twice. Also, my family over there should’ve already been sick with Covid since January and all the people that she’s been with if she has it.

It’s definitely a difficult time we are living in. I am baffled by everything going on in this world especially with my mom’s case. Poor mom. I pray the medical professionals where she’s at right now would value her life.

Lord Jesus, please come soon.

Claiming this Bible promise below:

One thought on “My Mom’s Health Condition

  1. Amen on the Bible verse and trusting God! Praise God for His mercies and love and grace through all the challenges we face here.

    Blessings and love, Shi! 🙂


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