Today was a big clean-up/organization/fixing day for us since we were “home” for less than 24 hours before we head down to Tucson, AZ for my husband’s preaching appointments.

Little tot was very kind, gracious, and understanding. She didn’t mind mommy and daddy working in and out of the RV. She even helped us out today by moving paper towels and tissues from the bedroom to the living room. Such a good helper! She was very excited to be able to help, to be a part of the cleaning/organizing with mommy. She picked up the two rolls of paper towels so easily and moved with ease. But when I gave her the bag of tissue rolls she reluctantly accepted and after a few minutes of carrying it, she immediately asked for help. She said, “Help me, please.” Oh, it was so cute! I hurriedly went over to where she was and helped her. I managed to snag a quick photo though. After a while though, she comes back to the bedroom carrying the same bag of tissue rolls with glee. She realized it’d be easier to carry them by holding the bag lengthwise and not crosswise the way mom taught her. Woooppsssie. I’m glad she figured it out!

So to all mommas out there do not hesitate to get your child/children involved in house work as long as they’re already able to help. Training begins at home. They will become a productive citizen not only in this world but also in the world to come if we train them the right way right at the beginning. I firmly believe in that. Our parents and grandparents trained us early. I may not be the best cook in town but I can definitely clean, organize, do dishes, wash laundry even by hand, and a lot more. These I want to pass on to my daughter. 😊❤️

On a side note, despite everything that’s going on in our lives right now especially with my mom being in the hospital for a week now, I still praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy in our lives. I’m deeply blessed with such a wonderful daughter that understands us and doesn’t fail to make us happy. She’s such a gift from God.

My husband has been terribly busy fixing things in the RV and I thank the Lord that he’s such a handy-man. Who has money to pay the mechanics, right? Well, not full-time faith-based missionaries like us. However, God is so good for sending us people who can help us. He definitely coordinates things in our lives for our own good. (More post about this later on.)

To those of you who are going through a rough time, always remember that the same God that puts the starts in place up in the sky to shine at night and the sun in the morning is still the same God that’s looking out for us and is preparing a mansion for us in Heaven. Don’t lose hope. Keep your chin up!

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

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