And I am back! After about a month long hiatus I am finally back.

Our family had a rough and tough February with our mother’s sudden passing but the Lord is good. He comforts us with the fact that she had a relationship with Christ and that we will see her again come resurrection morning. I am excited! We are excited.

It was a little bit difficult telling my daughter today that Lola has passed away. She’s been asking about Lola for several times and so today by the Lord’s grace, mercy, and help I was able to tell her the sad truth. I’m sure she doesn’t fully understand the concept of death yet but she’s been more aware of the people that she’s met and been around with even those that she has met online especially because of the video calls that we have done as a family.

Today’s short post is about Self-Care. How do we take care of ourselves especially in this time of pandemic. Here are a few things that I have found to be extremely helpful to me.

  • Set an appointment with God morning and evening and talk to Him as you go about your day. This can be quite challenging especially if you’re a nursing mom and sometimes your baby decides to wake up during your quiet time. But just press on. The Lord knows your heart. Make sure you spend time with Him in the morning, listen to His voice, meditate upon His word, and pour your heart and soul to Him. Then check in with Him at the end of the day. Thank Him for what He’s done for you and the people you care about. Also, make Him a part of your day as well.
  • Exercise. This does not only give you the strength and stamina for your body but also sets your mood for the day. My day is just so different when I don’t get to exercise. It’s been quite a challenge for me to do it here being in a colder weather but I have to do it otherwise I will regret not doing it later on. Try exercising indoor too. I use my phone and walk with a bunch of ladies online. 🙂 You can try to Brisk Walk. It’s pretty good!
  • Eat healthy and regularly. Setting specific meal time is extremely beneficial to your body. A favorite author of mine, Ellen White, talks about eating a variety of different foods such as nuts, fruits, grains, and vegetables at set times giving your digestive system about 5-6 hours of rest before the next meal is taken and taking plain water in between and making sure that your body has fully digested your food before hitting the bed. Research suggests that the last meal of the day should be no more than 4 hours before bedtime.
  • Drink plenty of water. Drink about 20-24 oz of water right after waking up to flush all the toxins in your body and making sure that that is at least 30 minutes before breakfast. Then drink again about the same amount stated above in between meals. If you do this then you’re water for the day is pretty much covered. Room temperature water is also more advisable to cold temperature due to our body’s temperature.
  • Get fresh air and sunlight. Our bodies need fresh air even if the weather is cold. Just bundle up and enjoy some fresh air outdoors enjoying the Lord’s creation. If the sun out then bask on it. Best times to be out would be before 10am and after 2pm especially in the summer. Sunlight does not only kill germs and what not. It also provides Vitamin D and helps improve our mood. So if you find yourself suffering from anxiety and depression once in a while, take some vitamin D supplement and go outside as well. Research suggests an hour of being outdoors is great for our health.
  • Rest. Take time to relax. Do deep breathings. Go to bed early and wake up early. Seven to eight hours of sleep each. night will be ideal. Go to bed at least 2 hours before bedtime for the body to fully recuperate from the day’s work. Take a Sabbath rest as well.
  • Be temperate in all things. Even good things when done excessively can be bad for your health. Know your limits. Abstain from evil and injurious things.
  • Trust in God. The Lord is in control. He knows what’s going on in our lives. There’s no use carrying our burdens on our shoulders. Jesus invites us to “cast our burdens upon Him for He cares for us”.
  • Choose recreation. When relaxing, choose your activities carefully. Spend time on things that can bring glory to God such as going for a walk, spending time in nature, do nature puzzles, etc.
  • Keep learning. God has given us super brains that are just waiting to be fully utilized. Keep learning. Read books that are uplifting, motivating, and encouraging. Dr. Seuss said, “The more we read, the more we know. The more we know, the more places we will go.” Also, pick up that an instrument you’ve been desiring about but never had the time to do before. I am spending time learning to play the piano by myself by God’s help. I have a little background in music and have taken a few lessons so I am able to read notes. I try to practice as much as I can in between chores, baby care, and what not. Playing during family worship time has been helpful and encouraging to me.
  • Keep a journal/planner. I love journals and planners! Being able to sit and write my thoughts down are very therapeutic to me especially when I get to use my colorful pens and cute stickers. I have several journals dedicated for different purposes such as Bible study and prayer. Meal plans, desired schedule, and weekly sermons go on my planner though since it has already a special spot for those things. I use my bullet journal for trackers like finance and other things that cannot be written in my planner, prayer journal, and Bible study journal.

Well, this is it for now. It’s time for my evening worship. Just remember it is very important to take care of yourself because your body is the “temple of the Holy Spirit”. Regardless of the chaos around us, may we remain optimistic and do things that are good for us and others that God approves. Please take time to ponder upon Philippians 4:8

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

Philippians 4:8

What do you guys do for Self-Care especially during this time of pandemic? Let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you. Till next time….God bless!

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