How do you live life each day? Do you wake up in the morning thinking that it’s a blessing or you feel like you just have to put a face again and mask your feelings before the world? Do you wake with an intention to live your best and be your best not only for others but actually for yourself?

For the first time in many days, today was the first day that I have truly felt great once again! I’ve been going through several issues here and there but I praise the Lord for His unfailing love, mercy, and grace for allowing me to feel great once again.

Bible verse for the week

This week I felt impressed to put this Bible verse for our family to not only memorize by heart but to actually live knowing that God really means business—He wants the best for us. He came into this world for us to have life and to have it more abundantly. He doesn’t want us to suffer. He doesn’t want us to go through difficulties. But because of our port choices and the kind of world we’re living In difficulties are inevitable.

So as Bethany naps I am able to fold our laundry for the week, and actually do it with peace in my heart. I dread folding. I enjoy doing laundry because I despise looking at a pile of them especially during Sabbath, and also just thinking about the amount of time I’m going to battle with them makes me cringe. Tiny living is definitely teaching me to stay on top of things especially with our dishes and laundry that don’t seem to run out.

This week I am adapting a new system on taking care of our laundry based on my research at 3am on Sunday this week. Yes, that’s what happens when you get so tired that you just go and crash on the bed with your toddler then wake up in the middle of the night or early morning to do your bedtime routine. Here’s what I learned: do a load daily and sort them out based on who owns them then put them in the bin assigned. I know some may get wrinkled but I don’t mind as long as they’re not my husband’s preaching clothes or pants. That’s a different story. Doing this is actually great. I don’t have to squeeze time on my daily schedule just to fold and away clothes. They’re stored nicely in cute little bins and when I’m ready I can go and tackle them.

Bethany had an instant play date today after our morning walk and play outdoors and that gave me an opportunity to fold her clothes while listening to a sermon and then an audiobook and keeping an eye on the kids.

Now that she’s napping I just finished folding my clothes and I’m onto my husband’s and then the towels. That would be it for me and a new cycle of laundry begins again on Sunday. On Sabbath all chores take a break. It’s my special date with my Jesus.

I can’t believe how quick and easy it’d be to fold my personal laundry for the week. I guess when you have a few clothes, it’s definitely easy.

So pictured above are my clothes washed this week. How few! Yes, I have only a few clothes. As long as I have three of each kind then I am happy. If I have more then I am blessed such as the undergarments. Yes, I am learning to follow the three-day clothes rule. It’s something I have adopted when I was single and traveled quite frequently. It only takes one carry on and one backpack to go to places regardless of how long you’re going to be. Save that money for check-in luggage for something else like a room by the beach or a fresh coconut water alongside your pad Thai or a full body massage on the beach. ❤️

Anyway, before I continue folding I just want to encourage you guys out there who are going through a rough time to just hold on, claim God’s promises, and take better care of yourself. No, it’s not wrong to leave some clothes unfolded just so you can go for a morning walk with your toddler or leave some piles of dishes so you can read a book or blog. Just make sure that the essentials of homemaking is covered and everybody in the home is happy.

And if you feel like your mood is going up and down, go and get your Vit D level checked. These past two days I upped my daily intake of Vit D, exercised daily, basked in the sun and fresh air, ate lots of fibers and drank more water, gone to bed earlier than usual, and did my morning and evening worship daily, found time to read a book or listen to an audiobook or sermon, and spent time with people even little ones. What a difference it has made in my outlook in life!

So don’t think that you will always be in a rut. Life is like a wheel. Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down. Good news is Jesus is always up there looking after us! Blessings to you guys and Happy Sabbath!

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