“Push, push” those were the two words that I heard almost everybody in the delivery room told me to do two years ago. That year the Lord gifted us with such a tremendous blessing—the birth of our daughter, Bethany.

Today she turned two years of age.

Just like that.

She’s officially two.

Since January she’s been telling us she’s two when we’d ask her her age and today it’s been official. But she would show you all her five fingers to tell you she’s two years old. Funny girl.

Anyway, not a day goes by that we don’t praise God for the blessing of Bethany. Our lives have greatly changed since she joined our family and it’s been a huge blessing to see her grow each day.

Bethany’s birthday meal request
Her birthday gift request

Before heading to bed last night she specifically asked for a bike for her birthday and pizza for her meal. Lol. When she woke up this morning I asked her again what she wanted for her birthday and I received the same response—-bike and pizza. Minestrone soup and yogurt are her all-time favorites that she also got today.

Praise the Lord for all His wondrous blessings especially for everything He’s been doing and giving for Bethany.

(To be continued…prayer time. I just like to stay up and relive those hours of labor resulting to her birth. I can’t remember the exact time now but it was few minutes to midnight.)

Aww, just moments after coming into this world. Thank You, Jesus! ❤️❤️❤️

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