Productivity is such a big word. To me it means getting up in the morning with my big girl attitude accompanied by a strong faith in God knowing that He will help in all my endeavors even if I don’t feel like doing anything. Does that make sense to you?

Well, being productive is important. I get that. But when I wake up wanting to go back to bed but can’t because I have responsibilities and commitments to do then it’s just quite challenging.

So, how do we be productive even if we don’t want to or even if we don’t feel like it?

  1. Pray. Ask the Lord for wisdom and strength to go about your day. Make sure that you start the day with God. Commit all your plans to Him. Ask Him to lead you, bless you, and guide you.

Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

Psalm 37:5

2. Use a planner. Write at least three major things you would like to accomplish today. Keep them as your priorities. You can add minor ones after the three but make sure that you focus your time and effort on the top three.

For example:

Top three priorities:

  • Prepare for a worship presentation for a church in Thailand
  • Write a blog post
  • Make an appointment with an insurance company
  • Pack for a trip this weekend
  • Update expense report
  • Order magnetic tiles for Bethany

When the day ends and you have crossed out those three you planned on doing, good job! Give yourself a pat on the back. You can always migrate the minor ones to the next day. There’s a reason why they’re not your priorities.

But if you were not able to accomplish all top three priorities probably because something unexpected happened or you got distracted, don’t worry. Tomorrow is another day. Just keep trying.

3. Plan your day wisely. Plan it in a way that you will have time to accomplish your top three priorities and still be able to cover the basics of life such as getting fresh air, sunlight, exercise, doing chores, going to work and spending time with family and friends (if they’re nearby or call at least one or two just to see how they’re doing but making sure that that phone call doesn’t take all your time or you can always multi-task. How about folding laundry while calling your sister in Norway? Works, eh?

4. Stick to the plan unless emergency comes up. Do not get distracted by social media. They can be quite distracting. Social media is great as long as we use it with discretion. If you planned to watch a certain program make sure that you limit yourself to the only time available. Youtube can be useful especially when you are researching information about certain things but boy doesn’t there “suggested videos” work quite often? I won’t even go to Netflix and video games. 🙂

Anyway, if you would like to have a productive day: pray for God’s wisdom and strength, use a planner, plan your day wisely, and stick to the plan.


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