Grocery shopping is a family event for us. As people that live in the boonies, a trip to Walmart on Sundays constitute a big part of our family day. It’s something special for us who are usually just confined in the house for the most part of the week unless my husband invites us to go to his church meetings, events, or outreach opportunities with him.

I like to get our grocery shopping done once a week but sometimes I’d end up using up all my unsweetened soy milk and bananas due to extra smoothie or extra baking earlier on the week or it could be lettuce or diced tomatoes or something else so by Thursday I’ll start thinking of how we can get those extra items before Sabbath comes. It’d be nice if Walmart wouldn’t mind me ordering online for pick up for items less than $35 without charging me a fee. (No, I don’t have the Walmart+ subscription.)

So, while in the middle of making some oat burgers this afternoon, I thought it’d be great to eat sandwiches tomorrow night at our weekly Friday night Bible study and fellowship. My only concern is I don’t have enough tomatoes! Oh, how I imagined those beautiful red organic tomatoes in the vine in Walmart!

Then my reverie got interrupted when someone rang our door bell. Hmmm. Who could that be? Definitely, not Mr. UPS or Ms. USPS! I wasn’t expecting anything from Amazon. So, my first born child and I rushed to the door and saw one of our church members at the door with…a big pack of tomatoes AND a bag of avocados! Oh, the Lord is good! His mercy endures forever! Praise His holy name.

God knew early on that I’ll be needing more tomatoes and He already provided long before I asked. Our church member told me that his wife asked him to give us those food items on Monday. That was several days before today.

What does that say about God? God loves us so much that He provides our needs even before we ask! He does not only give a little bit but He gives us what we need and even more. Those avocados are definitely a treat! I am definitely blown away by God’s love, care, timing, and providence. I cannot wait to share these things tomorrow at church and my testimony as well.

Sharing a meal with others is something that our family really enjoys doing. I am not much of a cook but preparing food and sharing them with others makes me glad and grateful to be able to do this as my ministry, our family ministry.

And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.

Isaiah 65:24 KJV
Precious gifts from God today among other things.
Oat burgers baking in the oven

I’m sure God has done something similar in your life. Would you like to share it with us?

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