Weeks before my husband and I went camping, I was a nervous wreck. There were a thousand questions in my brain such as “How do I keep my baby warm?” or “Where will my baby sleep?” Those were the two biggest questions in my head. My baby is barely 3 months old and here we are taking her camping in a small Ozark tent. I was so worried that I somehow forgot in the process that I serve a big God. Oh-oh.

So, how do you camp with an infant? I realized that it’s simple. Here’s what you need for the little one:

  • sleeping pad for the baby (we got the one from Big 5)
  • fleece sleep sack (got it from Amazon–Halo)
  • fleece sweater with a hoodie
  • cap
  • mittens
  • socks
  • sleepwear
  • Pack n’ Play mattress
  • sleeping bag
  • fleece blankets

We camped in Jasper, OR just last month (June). The weather in the morning was pretty good. It was in the 70s but at night it was in the 50s. The next question is, “How do you keep the baby warm?”

What we did was lay a sleeping pad inside the tent followed by a sleeping bag then her Pack n’ Play mattress covered with a fitted sheet and a fleece blanket on top. Then we put cotton socks on her feet then dressed her with a long sleeve sleepwear. Put mittens on her hands and a cap on her head. Then we put the fleece sleeve sack on top of her sleepwear and wrapped her with a fleece sweater with a hoodie. Then we laid another fleece blanket on top of her. She slept like a log. Of course, I did not. I was too worried that I might roll over her as this was the first time to co-sleep with her. But it worked! Praise the Lord! This we found out was the best method after two nights of barely any sleep.

So, excited to go camping with your little one? Go for it! Oh, in the daytime just clothe her in layers. That way when it gets warm you can always take off her sweater or her pants. Whatever works.

God bless on your camping!

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