As a mother, I find it quite challenging to find that quiet time where I can just be by myself and enjoy some “Me Time”. It is a time a long to be able to focus on other things aside from baby care, home management, and family life. (How much more if I had another job? Yes, I consider being a stay-at-home a job even if I don’t get the regular paycheck I used to enjoy. Now, I get more kisses, snuggles, and blessed times with my precious daughter and appreciation of my husband for keeping our home in order. 😊 )

I praise the Lord for allowing me to be able to go to bed early and He’d wake me up in the middle of the night so I can have that time I’m looking for and it’s just a blessing to be able to commune with Him uninterruptedly. I’m also able to journal and it allows me to be able to process my thoughts better. I’d prefer this time to be at 4-ish am. I used to do it but it somehow changed. I guess we go through phases in life.

Another thing I struggle about is finding time to go and exercise for myself. Yes, I’d go and take Bethany out for a walk and play outdoors but those walks don’t usually give me the heart-pumping exercise that my body needs. There are days I find myself panting even after a 10-20 minute walk and I’d feel weak and tired. This especially happens when I work too hard at home and doesn’t get the rest that I need.

You see, being a mother is not easy. It calls for wisdom to know how to balance our life so that we don’t crash and burn. One of my favorite authors, Ellen White, reminds us in her book The Ministry of Healing to save our strength as mothers. We cannot be overdoing things otherwise we’d get so tired and we won’t have the energy and the cheerfulness needed in the home. Have you seen grumpy moms lately? Yes, they’re grumpy because they’re exhausted.

To all moms and moms-to-be out there, may we have the grace of God to face the challenges of each day.

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